Are you looking for an easy way to log and organize your transactions? I want to introduce a spreadsheet that can help you predict what each month and the entire year will look like financially. Halfdollar provides the flexibility to control how everything is labeled and categorized, and can constantly see what is coming in, going out, and what is leftover. It’s free, shareable, and easy to use. 

Six reasons why I recommend using this spreadsheet to take control of your finances:
  1. Easy sharing: Give a partner or friend view or edit capabilities.
  2. Access anywhere: Google Sheets makes it easy to save a spreadsheet to your phones home screen.
  3. Planning and Forecasting: Compare month-to-month and individual month actualities to planned spending amounts.
  4. Label Categorization: Tailor your income and expenses using custom labeling.
  5. Fast Searching: Search for a set of labelled transactions over the year so far and in an individual month.
  6. Made for All: Everyone is unique, as is their way of budgeting.

You can download the spreadsheet using this link: Start a New Budget

The following video provides an overview of how to use the spreadsheet.

A new version of this excellent spreadsheet will be released at the end of each year. 

Danny Reyes

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